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Apr 2, 2018

Kimberly Eckert is the 2018 Louisiana Teacher of the year and is certified in English, Special Education and as a Reading Specialist. She is committed to empowering students to become stronger self-advocates and agents of their own learning by connecting them to their personal passions.  

Kimberly has served as a Mentor and Master Teacher through the Teacher and Student Advancement Program (TAP) and as an instructional coach before returning to the classroom to better understand the needs of her students.

She has been recognized previously  as WBR Middle School Teacher of the Year, LACUE Regional Middle School Teacher of the Year, WBR High School Teacher of the Year, and LACUE Regional high School Teacher of the Year.  She was also selected as Kagan Scholarship Winner and served as a Discovery Educator Network Star.

Kimberly presently serves on the Teacher Effectiveness Committee on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, is a Louisiana Teacher Leader, and is a Louisiana Educator Advocacy Development (LEAD) Fellow through Stand for Children.  As Louisiana Teacher of the Year, Kimberly is working hard to elevate the profession and address educational equity throughout the state by engaging in efforts to recruit and maintain incredible teachers throughout the state. Kimberly obtained a Bachelor of Social work and M.Ed. in Special Education from Northwestern State University.

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